Tire Brand Naming

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Create a unique, distinctive, and ownable Global Brand Name for the new premium products of a top 5 tire manufacturer, to be launched all over the world. This project has been organized in 5 phases: Brand Strategy, Discovery, Market Survey, Legal Validation, In-depth Market Survey. Where a master list of 300 names initially ideated, have been reduced to a shortlist of 25 possible names, which the client has been engaged with. The final panel of 3 alternatives has been evaluated with qualitative and quantitative surveys in the key markets to select the winning name.

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Management Consulting
Agosto 2020
Management Consulting

Creating a brand name is not magic!

Exploring brand names does not just mean choosing the name you like best on paper, but the one that will give to the brand the best competitive advantage. Creating a name is not about looking for a perfect one rather than a meaningful one, consistent with the desired personality, distinctive for the market, and ownable from a legal standpoint.

Nuvola di parole con forte, mitologia, innovativo, europeo, internazionale, affidabile, reale, pragmatico, intelligente, tranquillo, equilibrato, tecnologico, digitale, resistente
Brand's DNA (Phase 1: Brand Strategy)

During the Phase 1 (Brand Strategy) of this project all internal stakeholders were asked to answer a brief questionnaire to gather from them impartial data and concrete opinions about the new brand name. The survey was based on different technics, which helped to deep dive into the different angles and perspectives of the various people directly involved in the process. Based on the results of this survey, complemented by the tire business insights and extensive competitive analysis, a compelling brand strategy was crafted, stating the brand’s purpose, positioning, personality, and values. In one word the brand's DNA.

Nuvola di parole con forte, mitologia, innovativo, affidabile, resistente
5 Dominant Traits (Phase 2: Brand Discovery)

Based on the brand brief develop in the previous phase, the 5 semantic dominant traits (Authority, Innovation, Strength, Mythology and Reliability) have been explored, creating a master list of 300 potential names.

If the product were available today, how likely would you be to buy it based on its name?

Grafico a torta giallo sulle risposte alla domanda: quanto è probabile che tu compri il prodotto basandoti su quelle parole?
Survey (Phase 3: Market Survey)

Finished the Market Survey, the master list of 300 names initially ideated, have been reduced to a final panel of 3 alternatives that led to the winning name (Phase 4 and 5).

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